Have you ever forgotten where you parked your car? If it has happened to you also then this app might be useful to you. Just press the button [Set parking position] and the GPS will track your position and resolve the address where you have parked your car. It will then save the position to the database with a lot of other useful information. The next morning or when ever you pick your car again, just press the [Show last parking position] and the application will show you the last saved parking position. You have the option to view the last ten parking positions by pressing the button [Display 10 last parking positions]. Where you see Greek in the video above you will see your native language as the application checks the phone's selected language and is adjusted to the locale of this language. Enjoy and please leave your comments and rate our application in google play store.

Warning: Some phones (reported on some older LG phones) when you press set parking position inside your car, might get a lock away from where you are because the metal skeleton of your car will prevent either the GPS and the Network (of these specific phones) to lock your exact position.


Set Parking Position. Show last Parking Position. Show 10 last parking positions. Parking Reminder Grid with 10 Last Parking Positions



You may download DHQI Parking Reminder app from Google Play(TM)