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Freebies downloads

In this section you can download some freebies that our company offers to its potential clients. In the following paragraphs there are some instructions on how to use these freebies provided by our company.

1) DHQI Invoice

It is an automated Excel invoice template with a button in sheet 2 that executes macros in order to create a new invoice for you to fill. It increases by 1 the number of the invoice and updates the date to current date. In order to use it, firstly unzip it, and then do not double click on it. You will have to open the Excel application and open it through it (Excel). Then you will have to activate the macros. If you want to check the macros right click on the ribbon and then select programmer's settings. When it appears click on Visual Basic button. Please note that you will have to change the newly created invoice because otherwise if you change the original, each time you create a new invoice with the button it will reproduce the saved data in the original invoice.

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