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 Web Sites & APIs

Starting by defining these meanings we all know what a Web Site is. Most people though, as a fact, do not understand the difference between a static Web Site and a dynamic one. A static Web Site is a site that does not contain dynamic features and does not change ever. A dynamic feature is for example to create a list of products and display it to the user by getting data from a database. The news feed in the sites of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram contain this kind of dynamic features. If we add some new products in our database or change prices then a dynamic site will present this change to the user that visits it. The APIs are dynamic features without Web Page to present to the user. They are machine readable and often send to the application making the request a response which can understand and take advantage of it by processing it or presenting it. For example the mobile application of Ali Express depends on APIs in AliExpress web site. Among the technologies and tools we use to develop Web Sites and APIs are .NET, B4J, Joomla, WebSockets, Webhooks, Bootstrap, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX. We have developed (or maintained existing) static and dynamic web sites for general use, e-Shops and also sites and APIs for specific needs of the logistics sector. Our sites are responsive (except from the the older ones) with a lot of effects and perfect web design. 
You can have a look of some print-screens of the sites developed or maintained in the past by members of our team in the following gallery of pictures.

Please click on a picture of the following sites to enlarge it and see it fully: