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  DHQI Scanner is our latest addition (6/2022) in our innovative applications. It is an app that can be used by everyone to replace a physical scanner on their business or house for every purpose. DHQI scanner is a hybrid app. It is composed of two components: a computer application (available in Windows, Linux and Mac), which you will connect to a mobile application available in Android for the time being and soon also in iPhone/iPad. This mobile application will be the scanner you will use for your needs. If you face any problems connecting please make sure that your phone and the computer are connected on the same network (ssid), and also make sure that you will set your desktop's firewall to allow connections in the port displayed on the phone. Please feel free to download the components of the app. Please also note that in Windows if your antivirus provides sandbox the installer will present errors. If this is the case just press ok and let it scan the installer files. If you see also activity of sandbox checking during installation then do not proceed and let the antivirus scan this step. When it notifies you that the file is ok then proceed - it will reopen (the procedure of installation was checked with Avast antivirus). 


The benefits you will get from the application are multiple. You can try it for three scannings everyday, and then acquire it with our early bird offer for only 10,99 euros a year for unlimited scannings. With the early bird offer, you get the benefit of a price at 1/4 of the price you would pay in order to acquire the lowest price physical scanner. You also get the benefits that you reduce the costs of maintenance and repairs, as well as the re-acquirement in case of a faulty non repairable scanner. At last you get the benefit of a no pay new scanner, each time you acquire a new phone, and the chance to use it in more than one phones (that is multiple scanners - up to 6), for the phones that are activated with the same g-mail account.


Available Subscriptions

a) 7,49 Euros per half a year - 6 months subscription

b) 10,99 Euros - early bird offer per year - 12 months subscription



DHQI Scanner not connected
DHQI Scanner connected
DHQI Scanner acquirement


If you encounter difficulties downloading any platform's version due to browser's settings, right click the relative icon and select open in new window. If you want to use the application in Ubuntu linux then it is not compatible with Wayland and you need to turn the display driver to X11. This is done this way:


1. sudo nano /etc/gdm3/custom.conf
2. #WaylandEnable=false --> remove #
3. In [daemon] section add: DefaultSession=gnome-xorg.desktop
4. Reboot


 There have been reports of recent cloudflare outages. This will result in errors in downloading the computer applications. If this is your case please try again later.


You may download DHQI Scanner Companion for Windows here:
You may download DHQI Scanner Companion for Linux here:
You may download DHQI Scanner Companion for Mac here - for MacOS Big Sur provide Java with Accessibility access  (under System Preferences -> Security & Privacy):
You may download DHQI Scanner Companion from Google Play store(TM) here:
You may download DHQI Scanner Companion from AppStore (TM) here: